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What are Schuessler Cell Salts?

When you are travelling your health is one of the biggest priorities. In this Article I try to give you a little bit of an idea what Schuessler Cell Salts are and how to apply them to improve your health. The best would be that you and your family are vital and fit before you leave ;).

Read and be amazed what these simple tablets can do for you and how they can help you to get fit for your world trip.  I think that everyone should know about this, so that’s why I am sharing this information with you.

Before you read on I have to say that you should always go to a doctor as well when you have problems with your health 😉


    1. What are Schuessler Cell salts
    2. Who found out about Schuessler Cell salts?
    3. A little more about the 12 Basic remedies
    4. No. 1: Calcium Fluorate
    5. No. 2: Calcium Phosphate
    6. No. 3: Ferrum Phosphoricum
    7. No. 4: Kalium Chloratum
    8. No. 5: Kalium Phosphoricum
    9. No. 6: Kalium Sulfiricum
    10. No. 7: Magnesium Phosphate
    11. No. 8: Natrium Chlorate
    12. No. 9: Natrium Phosphoricum
    13. No. 10: Natrium Sulfuricum
    14. No. 11: Silicea
    15. No. 12: Calcium Sulfuricum
    16. How to apply Schuessler Cell Salts?
    17. Where can I buy Schuessler Cell Salts?
    18. What Schuessler Cell salts to take on your vacation/ (world) trip?
    19. More info & Sources

What are Schuessler Cell salts

Schuessler Cell Salts are basically the inorganic cell salts or minerals your body needs and uses to function normally, in tablet form. They are defined as a homeopathic remedy, but much more easy to apply, because you only have 12 basic remedies. You also have additional remedies, in total there are 27 on the (dutch) market right now. I know that there are actually 36 ‘developed’ and there are still new remedies being added these days.Yoshishappybizz the 12 basic remededies of dr schuessler

Normally cell salts are never found in your body as a solid substance, but always as two compounds. But because the minerals are inorganic your body cannot make them, so you need to take them.

If you have certain disorders or everyday ailments you probably have a shortage and/or a unbalanced level of certain cell salts in your body. Taking these minerals is a good remedy against everyday ailments. The schuessler cell salts will give you more vitality and activate the healing mechanism of your body .

Please be aware that you should go to a doctor when ailments and sicknesses stay if you have been taking them.

Who found out about Schuessler Cell Salts?

Quite obviously, it was Dr. Schuessler who found out about the existence and meaning of the tissue salts. It was his goal to find a simple and easy healing method. During his learning period when he was studying homeopathy and regular medicine he thought that there must be an easier way to heal a person. As you may know Homeopathy knows a lot of remedies, around 1500. I believe there is something to say for both remedies, as I use them both myself.

His work and research of 14 years led to the development of the Biochemic Systhem of Medicine, which is what the use of tissue salts is called today. Out of research from others the conclusion was made that sickness developed because of the loss of inorganic salts. Dr. Schuessler added his own research to that and came to the conclusion that you / your cells could heal when you would lift up the loss of inorganic salts.

A little more about the 12 Basic remedies:

There are currently 27 schuessler cell salts on the market right now, in the Netherlands at least. Officially there are already 36 schuessler cell salts, as they keep adding new ones. However, the 12 basic remedies can support you with a lot of diseases and ailments: Colds, infections, sun burn, but also artrose, cellulite & osteoporosis.

No. 1: Calcium Fluorate

Most of the tissue salts are in alphabetical order, even so it is logical that this is the first tissue salt: it protects us and gives us the flexibility and elasticity so we can move.

How? It protects us in the way that it binds the horn of the epidermis. Also our dental enamel, the surface of our bones and even the walls of our veins. Calcium fluoratum is also used in our tendons, ligaments and gives our skin elasticity. So every other elastic connection you can think of, this cell salt supports that.

This tissue salt is important for growing kids so you support them in developing their enamel and for a general firm and flexible body structure.

When do I use schuessler salt no 1, calcium fluorate?

Everything that has to do with what I just described. For example: striae, caries varix, bad dental enamel & hard skin. Also very useful for fissures/anal ruptures.

Calcium fluorate use Yoshishappybizz

I noticed that I needed it because I had a lot of hard skin on my feet and my nails are very hard; they broke when I cut them, like glass. I also use this for my newborn son to help him heal his fissure.

You can also use this cell salt externally. In my first pregnancy I put a mixture of this and number 11 on my belly to prevent striae.

No. 2: Calcium Phosphate

This tissue salt is the most important element for the bones and teeth. It is also very important for the cell structure, ‘creation’ of blood (haematogenesis) and it is the binding agent for the organic structure of proteins.

Especially during your pregnancy you want to support yourself with calcium phosphate, to support your baby in building the important structures.

Note: A lot of people share the ‘knowledge’ that milk supports the building of your bones. We can barely absorb the protein, casein during the metabolism of our food. Also the calcium that is in the milk can only be absorbed and processed with the tissue salt calcium phosphate.

When do I need calcium phosphate? 

Here a list of when you could be needing calcium phosphate:

  • nosebleeds;
  • anaemia
  • stiff muscles (cramps);
  • headache because of stress;
  • osteoporosis;
  • allergies to proteins;
  • sudden transpiration;
  • growing pain;
  • when you are sensitive to the weather.

Also a big craving for hot food, ketchup, roasted meat, licorice and mustard shows a shortage of this tissue salt.

You can use this cell salt externally for your muscle pains/growing pains; take a bath. Or use a compress  for your stiff neck.

 No. 3: Ferrum Phosphoricum

Iron is important for our transport of oxygen and other essential substances like antibodies. And that is what this cell salt consists of: Iron 😉

This tissue salt is very handy to have at home and while travelling for emergencies.  You can apply it for wounds and cuts, your upcoming fever, sickness that appears all of a sudden and upcoming infections even.

Schuessler cell salt number 3 for emergencies Yoshishappybizz

When do I need ferrum phosphoricum, cell salt no 3? 

Next to the things I wrote down in the paragraph before  you can apply this tissue salt in the following situations:

  • strong menstruation;
  • infections in general;
  • low fever;
  • ear infection/pain, awesome to use with kids;
  • pulsing & thumping/pounding pains;
  • pains that get worse when it’s hot or whit movement;
  • if you don’t ‘like’ sunlight;
  • bad concentration.

No. 4: Kalium Chloratum

If you are in the second stadium with your infection, you use this cell salt. It supports the metabolism of proteins and binds the fibres in your body This salt is essential to processing the toxins of the infection harmless. Being the cell salt for binding toxins it is the most important mineral for our glands.

You can use this cell salt effectively to support your kids with processing the vaccinations.  You can even do it preventive.

When does my body need schuessler cell salt no 4?

If you have a shortage of kalium chloratum salt you will recognise it by having white excretions. Think of white faeces, white slime (on your tongue) or a white excretion by women.

You also have a shortage with the following body signs:

  • white warts;
  • thickening of the blood;
  • glandular swellings;
  • bronchitis;
  • coughing up mucus;
  • coupe-rose;
  • hardness of hearing;
  • aphtha.

Right now I am giving this to my husband, because he has a huge craving for milk. That is also a sign you need this cell salt.

No. 5: Kalium Phosphoricum

This schuessler salt is present in all brain cells and nerve cells. You can also find it in your muscles and your blood. It is supportive to take this cell salt when you ask much of your nerves and mind, during exams for example. When you are physically and mentally exhausted it will regenerate you and give you new energy.What are schuessler cell salts? number 5

It also stimulates the muscles. When you are on an intensive sport or training for a big competition, you might want to take schuessler salt as well. Being the biochemical antiseptic it makes toxins of decomposition and tiredness harmless. Combine it with no. 2 and 8, and you have the perfect remedy for exhaustion and the best support for  your tissue structure.

When do I use Kalium Phosphopricum, schuessler salt no 5?

You might want to take this cell salt when you have the following symptoms:

  • bad breath;
  • bleeding gums;
  • shrinking gums;
  • ‘poor’/’exhausted’ nerves;
  • depression mood swings;
  • sleeping disorders;
  • fear of open spaces;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • hungry even though you are eating well;
  • burn-out;
  • weepy;
  • high fever.

Note: If you are sleeping on a place where a lot of radiation is, you are using a lot of this cell salt.

No. 6: Kalium Sulphuricum

Interesting to know is that this schuessler cell salt is responsible for the transportation of oxygen. Not like no. 3 in the blood, but for the transportation within the cell. It is also the tissue salt for the third stage of an infection, when it looks like it is going to be a chronic infection. So it is the logical follow up of no. 4, the Kalium Chloratum.

It is very important mineral for the production of the insulin and the digestive juices in the pancreas. It supports the liver with the detoxification of your body and also transports damaging substances.

Note: If you take No. 6, you should also take number 10 (natirum sulfuricum) as well to support the process.

In what cases do you need this schuessler cell salt no 6?


What are schuessler cell salts? number 6 YoshishappybizzKnowing that this tissue salt is important for the oxygen transport within your cells, you probably have a shortage if you have a desire for fresh air. Literally but also figuratively. If you are claustrophobic or you are yearning for fresh air. It will also support you when you have dermatology, neurodermatitis or pigment spots.

For skin diseases you can apply it also externally as a paste. For muscle pains or pigment spots or a brown-yellow excretion of the mucus membranes.

No. 7: Magnesium Phosphoricum

This schuessler salt controls the vegetative nerve system so it is in charge of the ‘automatic’ movements in your body. Think of your bowels, your heart, your lungs when your breathing and your glands. It is a great remedy for the nerves and supports the energy management and the overuse of cell salts in the metabolism.

‘If you know that Magnesium Phosphoricum controls the vegetative nerve system, you might not be surprised that this is the schuessler cell salt for relaxation.’

Growing children can really benefit from taking this salt as well, because it is an element in the casing of the bone.

This tissue salt is also know as ‘the hot seven‘, because it is the only one that has a special function if it is dissolved in hot water. My newborn baby is crying all day

First boil some water without a lid, so the gasses can come out of it. Then put in seven to ten tablets of Magnesium Phosphoricum and you get a special solution that helps the body to remove manure gas out of the bowel. At the same time it helps to relieve cramps and it supports relaxation.

When do you use Magnesium phosphate no 7?

When I was reading this book for the first time, I was eating a lot of chocolate, I could not live without it. If I had a chocolate bar, I ate it almost right away. I also had red apple cheeks, another sign that you need Magnesium Phosphoricum.

When I started taking the tablet my strong desire for chocolate slowly but surely disappeared. As well as my obvious apple cheeks. Today I still love chocolate, but don’t have the strong graving for it as I used to have.

Other signs that your body needs this schuessler salt:

  • headache because of stress;
  • cramps;
  • menstruation cramps;
  • if you are gassy;
  • stage fright;
  • high cholesterol;
  • lump in the throat;
  • apple cheeks.

This is also the remedy for your baby’s belly cramps. Especially when you use the hot seven you can give it to your little one on a teaspoon. You could also put a little tiny bit in the corners of your baby’s mouth or on your nipple. For more information go to: How to apply schuessler cell salts.

Next to the strong desire for chocolate, also a strong desire for coffee and nicotine/cigarettes point towards a shortage.

No. 8: Natrium chloratum

This one regulates the moisture management and the heat management of the body. It is also important for the forming of new cells and mitosis. Together with no 5 and no 2 it builds up the structure of your tissue.

All body parts whit no blood-flow, like cartilage, tendons and ligaments need this tissue salt for their metabolism. It binds mucilage as well and makes the acids in your stomach. With (sun) burns it is also important because it binds the water.

On a more mental level this tissue salt helps you to take the responsibility for your dreams and wishes and in that way to make it easier for yourself in life 😉

The number 8 is also a remedy for emergencies.

When do I use Natrium Chloratum, tissue salt no 8?

A shortage of this tissue salt will be noticeable as hay fever or transparent mucus/snot. It can be a big support for allergies. Also if you are having a lot of heartburn, during your pregnancy for example, like I had, this will surely help!

Other diseases or ailments where this can help;

  • arthritis/ cracking joints;
  • teary eyes;
  • a cold with a lot of watery slime;
  • sensitive for cold;
  • cold hands/feet (also see this article about jin shin jyutsu)
  • no thirst or being thirsty all the time;
  • high blood pressure;
  • burns (see the list of travel salts);
  • dry mucous membranes, skins hair and eyes;
  • losing taste/smell;
  • sweating a lot or barely;
  • big pores (in your face)
  • watery blown face.

A big craving for salty food or salt in general also point towards a shortage of Natirum Chloratum.

No. 9: Natrium phosphoricum

Natrium phosphate use

This is the schuessler cell salt for the deacidification. It regulates the acidity and has a big part in the fat metabolism. Therefore it support the gall bladder and makes the acids that ‘threaten’ the metabolism harmless, it also breaks down sugars.

When do I use natrium phosphate, no. 9?

In the first stadium of a shortage for this tissue salt you will have a fat skin, acne and blackheads. A chronic shortage is shown as a very dry skin. Also being present in your nerve fibres, it is helpful to take this with nerve pains and rheumatism.

Natrium Phosphoricum also helps with:

  • heartburn;
  • oral candidiasis with babies;
  • sour smelling sweat or urine;
  • joint pain;
  • fat hair;
  • travel sickness;
  • sore baby bum.

If you have a huge craving for sugar or fat food/junk food, it means you are over acidificated and in need for this cell salt.

Another important note: if you take in a lot of  base pills/powders for your heartburn this can be a problem on long term. If you take it regularly it could irritate the pancreas and be problematic to your metabolism.

No. 10: Natrium Sulphuricum

With the help of natrium sulphate your liver processes all harmful substances. By withdrawing the water the substances fall apart and  your body can remove them through your skin, urine or stool. The liver also regulates the storage of sugar with the help of this tissue salt. Therefore it’s the most important cell salt to support with diabetes type 2. This tissue salt is also one of the first aid remedies.

When do you use Natrium Sulphate, cell salt no 10?

If you don’t have enough of this schuessler salt the broken down waste substances will stay in your body and therefore you will get swollen hands, feet or legs. Having a serious shortage can be detected by having obesity.

You can also apply this number 10 with the following symptoms:

  • When you are windy (very smelly)
  • painful joints (like a flu is coming up)
  • With high sugar levels
  • Open legs
  • (biting) itch on your skin
  • Herpes (on your lips)
  • Diarrhoea (first aid)
  • warts
  • hangovers
  • When you have a red nose like you are drinking a lot

No 11. Silicea

This is the best friend of tissue salt number 1. Where no 1 gives our skin, nails, hair, fibres and tendons the elasticity, no 11 gives us the structure. Silicea is also important for the conductivity of our nerves.

Important note: If you are taking in Silicea no. 11, you should also take no 8 and 9 to support your body. Otherwise you could get severe pain because of the deacidification.

When to take schuessler cell salt no 11 silicea? 

In combination with number 1 this is the best tissue salt for striae, also preventive. For example: Start taking it at the beginning of your pregnancy take minimal stretch marks. 

take silicea schuessler cell salt number 11 to minimize stretch marks Yoshishappybizz

You are also in need for silicea when you have or are:

  • rheumatism
  • jumpiness
  • irritated nerves (also figuratively)
  • bad connective tissue
  • muscle twitches/contractions
  • split hair ends
  • oversensitive
  • baldness
  • hematoma
  • really sensitive for sounds
  • when you get bruises very quick
  • bad nails
  • sweaty hands or feet

No. 12: Calcium sulfuricum

This tissue salt is connected to your connective tissue as well. It is responsible for the permeability of your connective tissue. If a process is stuck in your body, this can also be in your life, it is good to take this. Also when your body can only give, instead of take in and calcium sulphate is important as well for processing proteins.

When is your body in need for schuessler cell salt no 12?

Because this tissue salt neutralises acids, it is very supportive for rheumatism & articular gout. 

And it can also help you in with the following symptoms:

  • chronic infections with pus, your tonsils for example or your middle ear
  • chronic bronchitis
  • abscess
  • ‘stuck’ cold
  • internal bleeding

These are the 12 basic remedies of the schuessler cell salts in short. The dutch book I was using is not available in English. I would not know what book or other valuable source to recommend you otherwise. Best to find out yourself!

How to apply Schuessler Cell Salts?

Apllying schuessler cell salts internally and externally Yoshishappybizz

Take them in as a tablet

The schuessler cell salt are little tablets. Normally stamped with the right number, so you can’t switch them. Other additives are milk sugar (lactose), calcium behenate and potato starch. If I am correct all schuessler cell salts are gluten free.

Normally I just take 3 of them in my mouth (advised amount) and actively suck on them. You should wait at least half an hour after your meal before you take them. This because the cell salts are being directly absorbed by the mucous membrane of your mouth. If you just had lunch or dinner your mouth is not ‘free’ which will affect the absorption negatively. Except this, you can take them in at any moment of the day.

Because the schuessler cell salts are mainly processed in your mouth, it is important that you let the tablets melt in your mouth. When the tablets have fallen apart you can swallow. Actively sucking on them seems to be the most effective way in absorbing the tissue salts.

Dissolve the tablets

If you don’t want to take them in plain you can also dissolve the tissue salts in water. You dissolve them just before you take them and you take a gulp of the water. Leave the water in your mouth for a few moments so your body can absorb the schuessler salts. After that you can either drink the water, or if you are allergic to the lactose, spit the water out again.

How to dose the schuessler cell salts?

You can take a few tablets a day of all schuessler salts just to support your body and make sure you don’t get any shortages.

  • With acute pain or sickness you take 1 tablet every 5 minutes and let it dissolve in your mouth. With acute and intense pains you always need to go to the doctor as well!
  • With chronic diseases you take in around 7 to 10 tablets a day. For kids this would be 3 to 5 tablets a day.
  • When you have a severe shortage of a certain schuessler salt you can take in around 100 tablets a day to help you relieve from it. You will probably have a yearning for the schuessler salt as well. It is okay to give in to that. No harm can be done.

External uses

Using the schuessler cell salts externally can be very useful and pain relieving.

Applying Schuessler cell saltsHere a short list of the things you can do:

  • Take a bath with the schuessler cell salts that fit your symptoms (10 to 20). Important is that the water temperature is a little under 37 degrees, so your body can assimilate the tissue salts.
  • Washing yourself or someone with the salt can help as well. For example if that person is not able to take a bath.
  • Compress: Soak cloths in the tissue salt you want to apply and place for example on your stiff neck (no 5 & 7) or your baby’s belly with belly cramps (no 7)
  • Paste: Very good for acute situations, with burns or insect bites for example.  Dissolve the schuessler cell salts in boiled water until you have a firm and moist paste. Put the paste on the place where you want to apply it and wrap plastic foil around it. This way, the skin will get the time to absorb the cell salts.
  • Drops: You can use drops for your eyes, ears or nose. Put one to two tablets in a sterilised little bottle. Always make it fresh.

Babies & Kids

You can definitely give the tissue salts to your little one and kid. To help my little one with his belly cramps I give him the hot seven. It is advisable to use schuessler cell salts for babies externally too, in a bath or as a compress. Because my youngest baby cried a lot because he has Kiss-syndrome & belly cramps and other stuff, I had to give him more then just one tissue salt. So putting him in a bath helps a lot to give him what he needs.

My oldest one asks for them since we have them. I notice that he is asking more for the one than the other. He sees them as candy almost. Don’t force your kid to take it, his or her body knows what it needs.

Where can you buy Schuessler Cell Salts?

Special Store

It is probably different in every country, but here in holland I can buy it at a special store. They also sell food supplements, various thee to help you with your health, etc, etc. You don’t need a prescription.


If you don’t have a store close by or if you cannot find one, there are several online web shops. The thing with ordering online is that you are not sure about the quality.  The brand Plfüger is one of the best brands, with the original recipes. Unfortunately they only ship to Germany and Netherlands.

Another very good brand is DHU. They (claim to be or) are the pharmacy who received the original recipes from Dr. Schuessler himself.  You can buy them here on amazon 😉

What Schuessler Cell salts to take on your vacation/ (world) trip?

Ferrum Phosphoricum, no 3

When you are on the way it is also good to have this one with you. In all cases you can take it in, I am writing down the extra external use as well. Diarrhoea or throwing up is the only exception where you only take it in.

  • Red eyes: compress
  • Belly hurt: warm compress
  • Cellulite: compress
  • Throwing up/Diarrhoea (only to take + no 8 & 10 if you want)
  • First Aid (wounds and cuts) : Paste
  • Stuffy nose: as drops (+ nr 8)
  • Tick bite: as a paste (+ nr 8 & 10)
  • Insect bite: as a paste (+nr 8)
  • Sun allergy: as a paste (+ nr 10)
  • Sun stroke: compress (on your forehead + nr 8)
  • Sun burn: as a paste (+ nr 8)
  • Wounds: as a paste

Going on a trip soon? Order tissue salt no. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum right here.

Natrium Chloratum, no 8

To give you a quick overview I made  another short list for you. The first ones are just number 8, after that I added which ones help as well.

  • Hay fever: take in
  • Sun stroke: as a bath
  • Throwing up/Diarrhoea (also no 3 & 10)
  • Stuffy nose as drops ( + no 3)
  • Sunburn: compress on forehead (+ no 3)
  • Insect bite: compress (+ no3 & 10)
  • Swollen eyes: compress (+ no 10)

Natrium Sulfuricum, no 10

Also number 10 is a good one to take with you on your travels.

Here the things you can apply it for:

  • Swollen eyes: compress (+ no 8)
  • Throwing up/Diarrhoea: to take in (also no 3 & 8)
  • Sun allergy: paste (+ no 3)
  • Insect bite: paste (+ no 3 & 8)

Kalium phosphoricum, no 5

Even though number 5 is not specifically useful in first aid situations, it can be very helpful to take this with you. Travelling can be both mentally and physically exhausting. Knowing that this is the schuessler cell salt for energy, it might be very useful so you are not too tired at the end of the day 😉

More info & Sources

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