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What are my values & Yoshi’s Happybizz?

I started doing a challenge and today is the first day. We have to do two things: Start with the fundamental/the core of your business and post a picture about something real. For example a picture without make-up (I do not wear make-up on a daily basis, so not that special for me) Just something without ‘smuck’ and not make it look pretty, just how you are. That one is an easy part for me, because one of the things I stand for is realness. There is a lot more I have to say about what I stand for; so I decided to write a short blog about it.

Like I said, I stand for realness. I want to show myself in the most ‘honest’ way. Honesty is one of the values that are very important to me. If I can’t be honest, who am I? If I cannot show the world how I truly am, what am I doing here? There were times I thought I was honest, but I wasn’t. I was wearing a mask, a huge one. Like BIG.

Someone would ask me: ‘How are you?’. I would say with a little smile: I’m good. When I look back at it, I wasn’t so good at that time. I would answer my friends this, not strangers, but people I have know for a couple of years. Shared stuff with and so on. When I noticed I stopped doing that. Of course not everyone has to know everything about me when they ask me: ‘How are you?’. To real friends, I will tell the truth. In the end I was the only one who got stuck, because of the lies. This is just a simple thing, but what will you do if someone asks you a more intimate question: will you lie? Why? Because you are ashamed? Of what? Because you want to be though? I just want to encourage you to be real and be honest, especially about the little things.

Another important value for me is joy, happiness. What a wonder right? You would not notice at all… If I do not have fun working, why would I do it? I love Buddha’s quote; ‘Success does not bring you happiness, but happiness brings you success.’ I know this is true, it is a deep knowing. So many people try to achieve success, riches or a certain object to be happy. They do not care so much how they obtain that specific goal they believe will them bring happiness and fulfillment. They struggle and struggle, get the thing they want and wonder why they are not happy: well, maybe because you are not having fun while accomplishing your target? I mean the biggest part of a goal is the way towards it. When you don’t do that with joy, what is the point?

The next thing I want to talk about is balance. It could be that I am behaving like my partners sign of Zodiac: He is Libra, haha. Anyways, I have noticed that I am seeking balance.

Balance between my family & work. Balance in money & worth. And most importantly: the balance within me. For years I had this constant battle with my intuition and mind. My feeling would tell me to do a certain thing like this. I would overthink and overthink and overthink and my logical brain, and also people around me would tell me to do it another way.

It made me crazy and did not bring me anywhere.

So yes, balance is important for me, and also to bring that to you. To stand for something; but still be flexible. To be so passionate and fulfilled about your love, business, house or ideas; and still be open minded to the world that is in front of you. To be able to hold a certain vision about your dreams and even then be able to let go of all the ways how it should go and enjoy the journey.

To the best version of you as a beautiful mom, a loving dad and an inspired artist. Have a wonderful weekend.

Love is Life.

P.S. What are your values? You don’t have to write an entire blog, haha. Just write down some words ;).

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