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Seven easy (and free) ways to stay healthy during travelling

If you are going on a shorter trip, you don’t want to take a lot of stuff or supplements with you. When it’s for a few days for example, or a short sun-vacation. Also when you are travelling the world with your family and not staying long at one spot, you probably want to travel light. So here are seven easy ways to help you stay healthy during your travels.

#1 Breathe to your heart every morning

This is something I include in my morning ritual. Every day I breathe towards my heart and imagine green golden light flowing through my body and energising the cells in my body. If you want to know more: download my freebie Anything is Possible here.  It helps a lot to set your day in a positive way.  And Breathing only takes 5 to 10 minutes a day.

It is also scientifically proven that breathing to and through your heart aligns your brain and heart, and thus harmonises your body. You can see this by that your brainwaves start to follow the natural flow of your heart. This helps to be more relaxed and focused at the same time.

Seven ways to stay healthy during travels YoshishappybizzWhen it’s hot you need to drink a lot. And another simple way to give yourself more energy and helping your body to stay healthy is drinking warm/luke water that you boiled first. Drinking water on body temperature is actually the best for you. This because your body doesn’t have to use so much energy to cool down or warm up the water you are drinking.

You don’t want to use warm water out of the tap, because it contains a lot of bacteria….

#3 Drink vitalised water

It will take you a little more effort to drink vitalised water then just hot water, but it’s definitively worth it if you understand what it does.

But what is vitalised water? In short: vitalised water is water in the structure of a hexagon, the closest to water in nature. Therefore the ‘living’ water energises your body and has a healing effect.

Although I do not support the product they are selling in this video; it explains the best what vitalised water is and the science around it.


So, now you know a little more about what vitalised water is and how it all works. When you are travelling the vitalizer plus is just too big and heavy. So how can you create this vortex yourself then? So the water molecules rearrange and are alive again.What can I do to stay healthy during my worldtrip? Yoshishappybizz

With the tornado tube and two bottles. The best would be glass bottles: I know, heavier to carry around, but also much cleaner than plastic bottles.

You can get the tornado tube on amazon for a few bucks.


Reset the water memory

It is important to first reset the memory of the water. Fill the one bottle with 2/3 of water and swirl counterclockwise three times. After that you want to energise the water. You can do this by swirling the tornado clockwise three times. You can also let the water decide by just shaking the bottle. Speaking loving words to the water will make the water even more special.

In this way you give your body the best possible water on the road, therefore keeping yourself energised and hydrated. In more foreign countries is is also important to drink clean water, so bring a filter with you!

#4 Chew your ass off

Do you know how many times you chew your food? If you count it’s probably around 5 times, which doesn’t come close to’proper’ amount: up to 30 times. 

Chewing your food better is healthy for you because:

  • Your body can absorb nutrients & energy better;
  •  Saliva gets time to break down your food. Besides that the enzymes in the saliva help to digest your food better in your stomach.
  • It’s good for your teeth
  • Because of smaller particles your food is easier & faster digested
  • Your reducing the risk of bacterial overgrowth – meaning your belly is less blown and fewer change of constipation
  • You can literally chew your ass off 😉

Seven ways to improve your health in a easy and free way

I have been chewing a lot more lately and I notice that I am less hungry and have more energy. Even though it feels strange the first couple of times.  You probably have to remind yourself of doing it, but it’s a very easy thing to do when you are travelling. Can’t say you forgot your teeth…. (except when you are a granny or gramps)

Even the Beatles wrote a song about food. Here the first 30 secs.


#5 Apply Jin Shin Jyutsu

Apply Jin Shin Jyutsu while you are in the plain/car/train/taxi, or waiting for your transfer. By just holding your fingers separately for 3 to 5 minutes.

By holding your fingers you harmonise the energy in your body and help your body to stay healthy. And, you don’t need to take anything with you for this simple thing. All it takes are 30 min which are easily found during the day!

#6 Walk 10 km a day

This might be something you are already doing when you are travelling. We should walk 10 km(approximately 6.2 miles)  every day to stay healthy and specifically to keep our brain fit. If we walk less then 10 km our brains starts to decrease.

However, if we do walk we produce dopamine and serotonin which make us feel better and help us stay healthy .


#7 Buy local fresh food

It is tempting to eat out all the time when you are on a trip or travelling. If you can, prepare your own food. If that’s hard because you are staying in a hotel for example, try to eat lunch with fresh local foods.

It is yummy and cheaper too! When I was in Greece in September 2013 (if I remember correct) for during the day I would buy fresh fruit. There was this little stand in Athene whit just one guy that sold a kilo grapes for just 1 buck. He also sold nectarines, plumes, apples. The fruit was huge, juicy and yummy.

Just make sure you wash it properly and enjoy 😉

What do you do to stay healthy while travelling?


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