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My Grades for English….

It is ironic that I chose English as my main language for my business, if you think about the fact that my grades were really bad. In Holland you are graded with a figure from 1 to 10, where 10 is the best you can have. I would be really happy with a 5, which is still unsatisfactory. When I use your grading system I would probably have an F or E most of the time…

I made a short motivational video for you to watch, with a message of how my bad grades can help you 🙂
Once again, my message for today is that even if things seems impossible or weird or illogical, don’t let yourself stop because of them. If you want to you can do it!
Like I said in the video, these days people around me compliment me for my English. Of course it’s not perfect and I am still working on improving it. I even talk about certain specific subjects with medical terms. I never really thought I would come this far, but now I am happy I chose English as my main language for my business. Mostly because I did not want to accept that as an obstacle, rather saw it as a learning curve, an advantage even.
Enjoy your day ;).


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