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Anything is Possible | Behind the scenes


I started the making of my freebie: Anything is Possible when I was pregnant. In between my son was born. I asked myself if I should record the videos I already had again, without me being pregnant. And then I thought, no, because I want to show you that it is possible to get things done even having (almost) two kids.

You will always have a reason not to do something, or an obstacle. With this video I want to give you some inspiration and motivation to go on as a young mommy or daddy.


When you would have counted all the reasons I had for not filming my freebie, it would not be there. I would still be working on it, maybe. If I hadn’t put it off. My drive is obviously bigger than the obstacles that put me down….

Why Anything is Possible?

What I didn’t tell you is why I called my freebie Anything is Possible. Well, let’s just say that that little sentence has opened my eyes and ears for all the things that could be possible.

I said it, over and over again. Anything is Possible. Or when people would think I am weird or they would try to put my ideas ‘into perspective’.

It was the first step for me, and so it can be for you.

Because I said it over and over again, I learned about the secret. I learned about other ways to heal yourself like Jin shin Jyutsu. The wife of my father in law showed me what tapping is. (If you want to know more about that, download my freebie ;))

I started to understand more and more about how our brain works, how we work and how you can create a live you life. A travellove life. A lovetravellife. A lovelifetraveljourney. You name it, You can have it. Take the first step and download here my FREE e-course Anything is Possible. See you!

Love, Yoshi

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Anything is Possible
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