Why choose Yoshi?

Love is Life, Travel is Love


The first thing I loved about Bryan was that he wanted to travel the world. When we were in Canada and got pregnant of our first son Riley we said to each other: we are still going to travel the world. So I started to look at different possibilities. And found lots.

My mission is to share those ways with you. So you can get ready to pack your bags ;)

I created my freebie 'Anything is possible' to help you with the first step. 

Honest & Pure

Honest as I am I will always give you my pure opinion or advice. 

Sometimes it may be painful to hear the truth. I always choose for the ugly truth above a beautiful lie.


I believe that we create our lives with our thoughts and feelings. I have learned the hard way to truly follow my intuition, or guidance, or however you want to call it. It lead me to the place where I am right now and it would be an honor to show you how you too, can connect with your true self & create a life you love.


Let me ignite a spark inside you, that will burn so bright that will light up your real dreams. The meaning of my name, 'Light", is there for a reason ;).

Want to get to know me better?

I keep it short on this page. because if you want to get to know me better;

it's best to download my Free e-course anything is possible, or read my blogs ;)