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Let's get your journey started!
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A FREE e-course to help you take the first step in making your family world - trip concrete.

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Lifestyle coaching for multi-passionte, young parents who love to travel the world.

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I told myself, over and over again that Anything is Possible. A reason why I am where I am. I made this Free e-course to show you that it's possible too for you!

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I was 18 when I was pregnant with our first son, 19 when he was born. Now I am 21 and a mommy of a todler and a newborn. When our first son was still in  my belly we said: we will travel with this kid, we will find a way. 

Find a way how to travel the world with our standards, as a young mom and dad. 

So that's what I did and how this business was born.

Be sure not to miss this ;)

Becoming a young mom or dad can be many things: exciting, new, and sparkling and shining. To hold your newborn baby in your arms. 


It can also be a little overwhelming and frightening, because: what happens to your dreams? Do you still remember you have them? 


Especially if you want(ed) to travel the world? 

Is that even possible with your kid or kids?

​In this FREE e-course I want to show you that it is possible. And that the biggest obstacle is you, not your baby, or money or anything else ;).

Take the first step to your family world-trip!
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